Eckart Meyners is a retired senior assistant professor and has been teaching sports pedagogy at the Leuphana University of Lunenburg. During his last six years in office, he was the leader of the institute for play and movement development. His main focus in research and education are kinetics, health education, athletics, ball games and horseback riding pedagogy. He is a permanent member of the ‘Dressage Studies’ and was a professor in master and bachelor studies for teacher education for primary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools, diplom pegagogy as well as for studies of applied cultural sciences in play and movement culture. He managed to introduce horseback riding and riding pedagogy as study and research areas at universities. So far, Lunenburg is the only university to offer horseback riding to their students studying teaching of sports as part of their choice of mandatory kinds of sports.


Since 1976 he is devoted to kinetics for riding. The principles of classical riding are considered to be kinetics for the horse, but they do not contain any kinetics for the rider, so Eckart Meyners saw the potential in this deficit to make the versatility of human kinetics understandable for riders, trainers and judges. Since the 1990s, Eckart Meyners was part of the professor team for future equine managers and taught them about his knowledge of kinetics for riders which aims at improving their coordination, balance and freedom of movement. Eckart Meyners developed exercises to break blockades, which help the rider find a comfortable seat position in the saddle and to help him give aids.


So far, he wrote 18 books and brochures and about 200 articles on riding pedagogy for various sports and equestrian magazines. He published a total of 32 books and 320 articles. Furthermore, he developed the mobility chair BALIMO®, which is successfully used by riders and people with back problems. Professional riding instructors can get an additional qualification called ‘Kinetics trainer EM’.



Further functions:


member of the FN task force ‘Horseback Riding as Sport in Schools’

member of the education committee of the Hanoverian Equestrian Association

advisor at the state trainer conferences

advisor at judge conferences

advisor at conferences for ‘Better Seat’

lecturer at courses for equine managers at the German National Riding School, at the Westphalian riding and Driving School Muenster-Handorf and for certified riding instructors at the Trainer Academy

instructor for clinics at almost all German Equestrian Associations

advisor at courses in several European countries and the USA.

permanent member of the ‘Dressage Studies’

training with Heike Kemmer (team world champion and gold medalist at the Olympic Games) for several years

consultant of several international riders and trainers in different disciplines