... on our website. We would like to give you detailed information on our services. We offer training of riders and horses and teach kinetics according to the Eckart-Meyners-Principles. You will also find news and information about our horses.

What is "Balanceship"?
"Balanceship" is, as the name already says, all about the right balance between horse and rider, which is influenced by the correct kinetics of the rider. As certified equine manager (specialized in horse and stable management and service), as well as approved kinetics trainer according to Eckart Meyners, Heiko Severit frequently offers clinics for interested riders, at the rider's locations of choice. This kinetic training mobilizes and improves the riders' seat in a very simple manner and positively influences the contentedness of horse and rider. This is a prerequisite for rider and horse enjoying the training.


Happy New Year

We wish you all a Happy New Year with a lot of luck, healthy and success!